So you want a gaming computer? First make
sure this is what your really need. High
powered performance gaming computers
can be ordered ready-to-go or 100%
customized from some retailers - yes, 100%.
100% customization means that you need to
KNOW what you need and want because the
choices are almost limitless. The ready-to-go
high powered performance gaming
computers are full of power and speed right
of the box, but the benefit to building your own
is getting it customized to exactly what you
Computer Customization Terminology Unmasked:
How to Understand Customization Options for
High Powered Performance Gaming Computers

"I want it fast, I want the best, I want it right now!"
How to Understand Customization
Options for High Powered Performance
Gaming Computers    
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Processor Speed
Gaming computers can be purchased with processor speeds or overclocking (which pushes the speeds even higher) that
are hardly seen in your normal computer retail outlet. These
machines will kick the butt of the fastest computer that you lay
eyes on at a store. Speeds upwards of 2 GHz are common
place - overclocking can results in 4GHz.
Memory (RAM)
High level editing and gaming applications use a lot of memory to run smoothly. For video and photo editing, locking
up or freezing or just performing slowly can be extremely
frustrating. For running gaming applications and software,
ample memory will be required so that there will not be any
lags, delays, or freezing while in the middle of gaming. My
grandfather used to say "if you do it right the first time, you
won't have to do it again" so if you maximize this when you
customize your computer, you won't have to do it later.

Hard Drive
Hard drive is the space you have available on your computer to store everything - all your programs, photographs, videos,
music, and even entire programs or games if you don't want to
have to continuously use the disks for your games and
programs. This is another area where you can max it out now
so you don't have to bother with it later-who wants to run out of
space to store applications, programs, music, videos, and
Internet Options and Wireless Options
Internet options and wireless options are essential for gaming and editing applications, especially if you take your
gaming or photos/video/art online. When selecting your
connection capabilities - always choose the options that give
you the most speed possible. Wireless N-cards are superior
to Wireless G-cards.
Bluetooth enabled machines allow you to use Bluetooth
wireless headsets. Wireless is nice because it allows you the
freedom of motion without getting tangled in cords.  

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How to Understand Customization Options for high powered
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