The idea of buying a new computer can be
exciting but once you begin to consider
customization options - the task can become
quite daunting, frustrating, and intimidating
unless you work in IT or run a computer lab.
If you brush up on some basic terminology
learning a little about the definitions and
purposes of the different parts on your new
computer - then this challenge will be much
easier and your will be fully satisfied with you
machine. You could also choose to
purchase a ready-to-go version at a local
store, but the benefit to building your own is
getting exactly what you want.
Computer Customization Terminology Unmasked
How to Understand Customization Options for Desktops,
Notebooks, Laptops, and Netbooks
I don't Speak Tech - What Does It All Mean?
How to Understand Customization Options for
Desktops, Notebooks, Laptops, and Netbooks    
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Think about how fast you want your machine to run - the faster the
processor, the faster the memory. Some applications like video
editing, movie making, photo editing, and gaming benefit from the
fastest processing speeds.

If you are not going to use your computer for applications like this -
then you don't need the fastest processor on the market. It is like
buying a race car when you have no where to drive it. Fast is great but
not always better if you don't actually use it., You can use the money
saved on some great software instead.

Memory (RAM)
Some of us are prone to use more windows or run more applications at the same time on our computers than others. This is like multi-
tasking on the computer and yes, this needs more memory if you
want to prevent your machine from freezing up on you. This is
memory is the memory available for running applications and
multiple windows-some of us need more - a lot more than others.
Upgrades on this are usually wise.

Hard Drive
Hard drive is the space you have available on your computer to store everything - all your programs, photographs, videos, music, and even
entire programs or games if you don't want to have to continuously
use the disks for your games and programs.

Internet Options and Wireless Options
Internet options and wireless options are important - in fact, maybe more important than the average buyer realizes. For instance, if you
bought a computer 5 or 10 years ago and paid extra for the Ethernet
card - then you can still use your old computer with new technology
especially if you added some additional memory to your old machine.
Right now there is Bluetooth enabled machines, wireless G-cards,
and wireless N-cards. The new printers are Bluetooth enabled. The
Wireless N-card is supposed to get stronger signals. If you don't
want to replace your computer like you need to replace socks and
underwear - go for the technology upgrades here. Your machine will
last longer and be more versatile in the future.

[I have several computers and laptops - but right this moment - I
rote this on a computer that is over 10 years old - I paid a bunch
extra for Ethernet (the new thing) at the time and guess what - I can
still use this one after adding some additional memory and a second
processor on the inside]

Once you have made your decision on the type of computer that
you desire based on use and portability... now you are ready to get
into the nitty gritty of technical specification and upgrade choices
that are offered for customization your new computer.

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