Buying a new computer can be so much fun. It
is exciting to add a new piece of technology to
your home or office. After you have decided to
buy a new computer-the very first thing you will
need to decide is whether you desire a
desktop, a notebook (laptop), or a netbook.
Yes, all three are computers but they can offer
very different specifications and price ranges.
Let me share my tips about selecting the right
computer gathered from my professional and
personal technology experience.
Select a Computer Type According to Use
How to Select the Right Computer    
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Determine the Preferred Use & Desired Portability
Think about your preferred use for your new computer. Is your primary use going to be desktop publishing (writing and typing
school reports), surfing the Internet, creating web sites,
running a home business, home-schooling, photo editing, or
gaming. When it comes to gaming - are you playing kid's
games, educational games, or virtual reality & high graphic
games? Some educational programs also use very high
technology with virtual graphics too.
Portability - how portable does you new computer need to be?
Will this computer sit on a desk all day or will you need to carry
between work and home or work and school? If you decide on
a notebook for portability  - how many pounds of weight do you
want to carry? Do you want your notebook to be a larger
screen laptop or do you want a portable netbook which is
smaller than a lot of college text books? If you desire
portability - light weight and easy to carry - but also want power
then select a smaller screen powerful laptop. Also, decide if
you want to have a removable DVD player or if you want the
DVD player inside the notebook? If you are prone to losing
things or prone to messes - definitely select a built-in DVD
Desk Top
If you are looking for high power processors for gaming or photo editing, the most economical choice will be a desktop.
Basically power fits better in a case - so it is easier and
cheaper to build a powerful desktop then a laptop or
notebook. There is a new breed of desktop that is built into the
screen - like the HP TouchSmart Series - these are touch
screens that can be hung on the wall. They are more portable
than your average desktop when it comes to moving around
an office or home-but they are not a computer that you can
carry to and from locations. If you need portability then you will
need to choose a notebook (laptop) or net book.
Notebook or Laptop
Notebooks and laptops are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate every customer. There are notebooks that
designed primary for sitting on desks with giant wide
screens - these notebooks have great screen quality and size
but their portability is lacking when they weigh over 7 pounds
especially when you add that to a case and other accessories.
There are notebooks and laptops that have nice screens of 14
to 15 inches diagonal and are also designed to be slender -
so these are quite portable. Much lighter than laptops sold 5
years ago with the same screen dimensions. These laptops
have a built in DVD player - many with Light Scribe Technology
to burn your own labels too. And they are still large enough
that upgrade to some higher power is reasonably priced.
If your are primary surfing the net or writing, not doing anything very intense like photo editing or gaming - then a
netbook might be a great choice for you. Netbooks provide
the ultimate
portability being smaller than many bibles or
textbooks, yet excellent machines for typing lectures or surfing
the web.
If you already have an excellent desktop, notebook, or laptop at
home for running photo editing programs or playing games
on - then a netbook can be an excellent machine that offers an
almost full size keyboard and ultimate portability.

Once you have made your decision on the type of computer
that you desire based on use and portability... now you are
ready to get into the nitty gritty of technical specification
and upgrade choices that are offered for customization
your new computer.

Understanding Customization Options for the desktop,
laptop, notebook, or netbook

Understanding Customization Options for high powered
performance gaming computers
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