Antique Singer sewing machines are beautiful high quality well made
sewing machines. Now people collect them more for the beauty and
to own a little piece of history rather than for their usefulness. The
antique sewing machines are typically a hand crank, treadle foot
pedal, or the older electric versions used a knee pedal. It is possible
to sew straight stitches on all three kinds - the electric knee pedal
version has more stitching capabilities. I have sewn beautiful straight
stitches on these various antique Singer sewing machines.  
How to Find Antique Singer Sewing Machines
Where to Buy Antique Singer Sewing Machines
Where to Find Antique Singer Sewing Machines?    
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Yard Sales
Yard sales in some areas can be a very easy to place to find antique Singer sewing machines. The first antique singer
sewing machines that I picked up were from local yard sales.
For most people, if they are not interested in collecting and
displaying the antique Singer sewing machines for their
beauty, then they have no use for them and put them out
during their yard sales. Sometimes they acquire the old
sewing machines from deceased relatives and just don‘t
know what to do with them so they put them in their next yard
sale. The condition of antique Singer sewing machines
picked up in yard sales can vary from perfect condition to
broken junk that is missing pieces and damaged so always
check the sewing machine well before purchasing. Small
children find learning to sew fascinating and fun when the
stitching is run by a hand crank or foot pedal, versus the
modern electric options.
Estate Sales
Estate sales at homes owned by older people or antique collectors can be an excellent source for finding beautifully
kept antique Singer sewing machines in perfect working
order. If the estate sale is being run by a professional, then
the pricing of the antique Singer will be closer to fair market
value but the quality is usually much better.
Antique Shops
Antique shops usually have an antique Singer sewing machine or an antique sewing machine stand on their
premises if a large shop. Sometime it is only the antique
Singer machine foot pedal stands which have been converted
into tables or desks. Other times, the entire unit is available. If
you have the space, the antique Singer sewing machines with
the treadle foot pedal are beautiful and elegant. Ask your local
antique store if they keep a request list where they can write
down your name and the type of antique Singer sewing
machine that you desire to buy, your price range, and your
preferred contact methods.
Flea Markets
Some area flea markets can be good sources for finding antiques in general as well as antique Singer sewing
machines. Other flea markets don’t have many antiques at all.
Check your local flea markets to see if they have any antique
Newspaper ads can be a great place to find old sewing machines including the antique Singer sewing machines. To
save yourself time, see if the person placing the ad can email
you photographs of the antique Singer sewing machine so
you can see if it meets the style, condition, and quality that you
are looking for before you make a trip to see it in person.
Craigslist can be a great resource to sell items like an antique Singer sewing machine or to post a wanted ad for a specific
antique Singer. Consider posting your want ad to both the arts
& crafts section as well as the antiques section. If you go to
purchase an antique Singer sewing machine from a
Craigslist seller-make sure to complete the transaction in
person so you don’t get scammed and also consider to bring
a buddy with you for your safety.  
Occasionally people post free ads for antique Singer sewing machines on free cycle. To respond to these ads, you must
either be the first person to make an appointment for pick up
or you must simply show up first at the time and location
stated in the ad when the owner will set out the item. Finding
an antique Singer sewing machine is a possibility on
Freecycle but it can take awhile and be hit or miss.
eBay can be a great source for finding an antique Singer sewing machine. The benefit is that there are usually antique
sewing machines constantly for auction. The negative aspects
will include having to pay shipping costs and only being able
to evaluate your new antique Singer sewing machine in
pictures before purchasing the sewing machine. Make sure
that the seller posts lots of pictures and don’t be afraid to
request a few additional photos before bidding. Also, deal with
merchants or sellers that have good ratings for selling (not
just buying) and who have a little history.
Relative and Friends
If you are interested in purchasing an antique Singer sewing machine for your collection or to play with, remember to let
your friends and family know that you are seeking to purchase
one. You might find that a relative or a friend’s relative has an
old antique Singer sewing machine sitting in his or her
garage, attic, or basement that he or she would love to sell
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