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Natural Deodorant
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Natural Deodorant Comparison and Review

The first time I tried an all natural deodorant was in the early
nineties. I had found a “deodorant rock” or “deodorant crystal” in
a neat store in downtown Orlando called The Ecostore owned
and operated by Beth Hollenbeck. The first natural underarm
deodorant rock I tried looked just like a quartz crystal. It worked
best if applied on the underarms right after I showered and
shaved.  It even worked well in the intense heat of the Florida
weather while walking, jogging, or riding a bike in the afternoon.

Though I liked the deodorant rock crystal, I desired a natural roll
on deodorant that was convenient, easy to carry in a gym bag,
and easily to apply any time--not just following a shower. At the
time, Avon carried a few roll on deodorants marketed as
“natural” so I tried these. Then one day I found a natural roll on
deodorant that was both a all natural deodorant rock crystal and
a roll on,  it was a deodorant rock crystal in a more cylinder
shape in an easy to use device that moved the rock like a roll on.
This new crystal roll on deodorant was easy to apply and easy to
carry.  The rock crystal deodorants were made of natural mineral
salts and unscented or odorless.

Recently, I found a few
new all natural deodorants available at
my local stores in the beauty and personal care sections. So I
purchased these and tested them out. Here is a brief
comparison and review of several of the natural deodorants that
I have tried.

The Original “Rock Deodorant” or “Deodorant Rock”:

The rock I bought came in a thick small plastic bag. The rock
was about 3 inches by 2 inches and could be held in the hand to
use as a deodorant. The “Rock Deodorant” is an odorless and
unscented deodorant. I found that it worked best when applied
after I showered. The package stated that you needed to either
dampen your underarms or put a few drops of water on the rock
before each use. I purchased my “Rock Deodorant” at the
EcoStore and I never used it all up.

Crystal Roll On Deodorant Rock (in a stick form):  

I found the Crystal Roll On Deodorant Rock at a natural and
health food store. It was a rock deodorant in a shape that fit into
a deodorant holder. This rock height could be adjusted like a
“typical” deodorant using a wheel at the bottom which moved the
natural roll on deodorant crystal up and down. The Crystal Roll
On Deodorant Rock was very convenient because I did not have
to touch the rock with my hand, store it in a bag, and it could
easily be toted in my gym bag or purse like a “typical” deodorant.
I never used all of my Crystal Roll On Deodorant Rock either.

Naturally-Fresh Deodorant Crystal Roll-On:

I purchased my “Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal” at Target in
the beauty and personal care section. This deodorant is both a
natural roll on deodorant and a crystal roll on deodorant. It is
hypoallergenic, paraben/pg free, fragrance free, and aluminum
chlorohydrate free. The natural mineral salts in this deodorant
have been dissolved in water with a little chamomile extract to
produce a thick liquid that can be applied just like a deodorant
with a ball applicator. This Deodorant Crystal Roll-On needs to
be shaken prior to use and applied just like a regular deodorant
any time, any place.  

Tom’s Natural Care Lavender Aluminum-Free Deodorant Stick:

Tom’s Natural Care Lavender Aluminum-Free Deodorant Stick
can be purchased at Target, Walmart, and Big Lots in some
areas. This all natural deodorant is a thick gel/solid in a stick. It
offers 12 hours of protection so if you work long days, you might
need to carry a stick with you. I really like the clean lavender
scent. This aluminum-free deodorant stick applies clear which
is an added benefit.
Read my detailed product review here.

Tom’s Natural Care Apricot Aluminum-Free Deodorant Stick:  

I purchased my Tom’s Natural Care Apricot Aluminum-Free
Deodorant Stick at Target in the beauty and personal care
section next to the other deodorants and antiperspirants. This all
natural underarm deodorants is an apricot-scented 12 hour
long-lasting odor protection. I prefer the apricot scent of the Tom’
s of Maine Natural Care Aluminum-Free Deodorant stick on a
man rather than myself. With the apricot scent, your own ph and
body chemistry will affect the final scent. At first glance, apricot
might seem a bit “feminine” but it is not a gender-specific

Note per FTC Blogger Disclosure Rule: I purchased all of the
above reviewed deodorants for my review. I received no free
products or compensation from the company to create this
product review.
Product Reviews: Natural Deodorant Comparison and Review    
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