Product Review:
HP Touchsmart tx2
         PC Laptop Tablet


My HP TouchSmart PC tx2 is light weight, touch screen, black
laptop with a modern pattern on the case in gray and silver. The
dimensions of this laptop are approximately 9 inches by 12
inches by 1 inch thick.


The HP TouchSmart PC tx2 is perfect for writers, artists, or both
which is exactly why I choose this model. I desired a lightweight
portable laptop that I could put in a purse that has a CD/DVD
drive built in and has a tablet screen. The screen on the HP
TouchSmart PC tx2 is excellent, I can use the included stylus or
pen on it as well as my fingers.

I upgraded my model to include both the fingerprint reader for
added security and the larger battery for a longer battery charge.  
The fingerprint ready allows me to conveniently log in to my
laptop with any finger I have scanned and programmed. The
fingerprint reader can also be used to log into websites or
programs that require a username and password.

The HP TouchSmart PC tx2 has the customizable options of a
desktop yet in the size of a laptop, slighter larger than a netbook,
with both touch screen and tablet capabilities. This model is
actually recommended for business applications because it can
run the full windows program and many other programs. It had
expandable memories which I maxed out so that I can run many
windows, applications, photo editing and art programs without
dealing with memory shortages.


My HP TouchSmart PC tx2 was shipped from factory to my home
in a slender box with the backup disk, ear buds, stylus, battery,
and wiping cloth. I typically keep the original packaging as long
as I keep my technology equipment for warranty purposes and
for easy future packing for moving. When I had a house with an
attic, I put the boxes in the attic. Now the boxes are under my bed.



Computer stores and office supply stores, HP online store,
online laptop retailers who carry HP products, and Amazon. The
HP TouchSmart PC tx2can be purchased 24/7 by clicking here:
Purchase HP TouchSmart PC tx2

Additional Information:

Note per FTC Blogger Disclosure Rule:  I purchased my HP
TouchSmart PC tx2 through the HP Online store. I received no
free products or compensation from the company to create
this product review.
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The price of the HP TouchSmart
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customization options, store, and
location. The HP TouchSmart PC
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