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The Inspirations Blog contains entries and
resources to inspire adults and motivate young
people to greater heights. Famous quotes,
treasured wisdom, inspiring real life examples,
and avenues to learn more information can be
found in each blog entry on the Inspirations
Blog. Whether you want to be inspired in your
daily life or inspired to lead world change, the
Inspirations Blog will be a growing collection to
inspire, motivate, and support forward thinkers
and growing minds and spirits.
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by Heather Inks
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Would you like to improve yourself or be more
like someone else who is successful in an area
that you desire to be successful in?

One of the methods to achieve this is to read the same
materials that people that you look up to read, as well as
reading autobiographies and biographies about those people.
Also read their work and articles or watch videos or dvds about
them. If they have published CDs with their advice, listen to it.
Learn it. And make an effort to practice it.

You might not ever get to be their friend or be able to pay for
their advice one-on-one but you can get much of the information
that you need to succeed via this easy self-help method. This
method has been proven successful countless times in history
when people have rose above circumstances that should have
stopped them through the use of mentors and people they
admire and desire to emulate (copy or be like).

Here are some of the books from my library that I
reference quite often-some daily-and I also read
these adult books to my children at bedtime. It is
never too young to plant seeds of wisdom and
inspire greatness in the next generation.