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Step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and
photographs to help you learn how to make
"The Jesus Egg" and draw His face.
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Heather Inks
has taught K6 - 12th grade in both the public
and non-profit sectors in several subject areas
and electives to students ranging from criminal,
delinquent, special education, ESE, and gifted.
She instructed professionals and teachers as a
TIM - Technology Integration Mentor for a
very large school district incorporating
technology into ALL subjects areas while
instructing on integrating and crossing
curriculum to enhance student learning and
achievement. Heather specialized in bringing
real world applications into ALL classroom
subject areas. A wide variety of majors,
minors, studies, hobbies, and life experiences
enabled Heather to bridge the gaps in
curriculum and subject area and cross the
curriculum to make education more relevant and
interesting to students of all backgrounds and
educational levels. Additionally, prior to this
career Heather was a tutor at Valencia
Community College for almost all subject areas
offered at this large college due to her diverse
academic studies and concentrations.
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