Have you ever seen something cool and thought "man, I wish I thought of
that?" That is okay if that thought comes BEFORE investing a lot of time,
effort, and money into a truck or auto customization. However that thought is
disappointing if it comes AFTER you have already spent time, money, and
your blood, sweat, and tears. So get your ideas for customizing your truck
and auto gathered FIRST, then plan your customization projects, and then
enjoy the fruit of your labors without regrets.
Where to Get Truck & Auto Customization Ideas
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by Heather Inks for personal use
Where to Find Truck & Auto Customization Ideas

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Truck and Auto Shows
Auto and truck shows - whether modern cars or classic cars - offer A LOT of ideas. Bring a digital camera and take lots of
pictures of what you like and what you don't like. Why take
some shots of what you don't like - so you don't accidentally try
out something like a paint combo that you already didn't like.
Sounds funny but people do this all the time whether painting
trucks, cars, houses, or their nails. They see something they
really don't like and end up doing it - and not liking it.
Truck and Car Clubs
Check out the local truck and car clubs to see their ideas. Many times the people who are part of these clubs put a lot of
thought, time, and effort into their trucks and cars so you will
see a lot of great ideas that you can learn from.
Once I bought a custom car as a gift for someone-there was one thing that I thought could have been better or different on
it. And I talked to the seller about it. I also talked to a dealer
about it. I was told "this car is 1 of 3" and it was - but more
importantly - and what I wanted was not possible. Well, a few
months later - I saw a custom car that was EXACTLY what I
was asking about on eBay!
If you must know - I wanted racing stripes on a convertible.
And guess what? It was possible. So next time - go home and
take the time you need to do the research completely.
Ultimately, I sold the car since a car like that really does not do
so well in the salt spray and where the roads get bumpy - but
lesson learned. Many times YOU CAN get exactly WHAT YOU
WANT if you look hard enough. [This is true for trucks, cars,
houses, and spouses too!]
Truck Trader, Auto Trader, & other Publications
Check out the publications for the vehicles that you are customizing, whether sports car, classic car, classic truck,
antiques, or collectibles. Countless ideas can come from the
images that you will see in these publications - most are
available online and in stores.
Art Galleries, Art Shows, and Art Books
Art galleries, art shows, art books, art texts, and museum displays can inspire creativity and help you find new ways to
combine color and images that can be used in customizing
trucks and autos. What is a designer? An artist.
Nature is a very inspiring place - bring your camera or your sketch book. Go to the most inspiring, breath taking, exciting,
or spiritual places. Capture the essence and use it to
customize your truck or auto.
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