Learn to prep your metal bed frame prior to applying your desired
paint finish to help the paint adhere properly and to preserve your
work better. Elements like rust, dirt, and grease need to be
removed before painting your metal bed. Consider applying a
rust primer before any rust occurs to prevent rust from ever
starting to grow on your metal bed frame in the future..  
1. Clean the metal bed frame and all metal surfaces that will
be painted.

  • Dust and dirt from normal household use can be
    removed with dish soap and hot water or a mild non-
    toxic cleaning solution like Simple Green.

  • Black grease will need a degreaser.

  • After cleaning, rinse the frame with a damp rag using
    clean water to remove any residue that might affect the
    adhesiveness of the primer and paint.

2. Scrape any large areas of rust with a scraping tool or wire
brush to remove spots of rust.

3. Sand any prior paint with medium to fine grit sandpaper to
create a better surface for paint adhesion.

4. Apply a rust primer to all areas of the metal bed frame using
a paint brush or roller. Some primers can be sprayed on like
spray paint.  Depending on your climate and conditions - dry
and arid or salty beach house - determine whether you need to
apply 1, 2, or 3 coats of primer / rust preventative.

*There are primers designed for new metal (without rust) and
primers designed to kill and stop rust from spreading. For the
best durability - always apply a rust preventative primer before

*If you live in a wet, humid, or salty area -
always apply a primer
to prevent rust from ever starting.
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How to Prep a Metal Bed Frame for Painting

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