Installing pendant lights in a new
spot or an existing spot is a very
easy modern update.
1. Determine the location of the pendant lighting and how
many light fixture will be installed.

Will it have one set of wiring for one pendant light? Or will it be
several pendant lights on one base - still one set of wiring? Or
will there be several pendants lights? If so, how many?

2. Turn off breaker to the room that wiring will be installed or
split. Run new wiring unless pre-existing wiring is in place.

It might be necessary to split the pre-existing wiring if you are
going from one light to several pendant lights. In this case,
split wiring, drill needed holes, and pull wiring through.

3. Follow the directions that came with the pendant lights to
attach pendant wiring to wiring coming from the ceiling (circuit

4. Screw pendant fixture into ceiling with supplied screws. Add
bulbs to pendant lights.

5. Turn breakers back on. Turn pendant lights on.

Tips & Warnings

*Follow all wiring directions.
*Use a licensed electrician if your state, county, or city code
requires it for new wiring.
*Use the proper bulb with the correct recommended wattage to
prevent a fire.
*Make sure the breakers are off before wiring is touched.
*Check out local codes and licensing requirements.
*Follow all laws regarding codes, licensing, and inspections.
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How to Install Pendant Lighting - A Quick Simple
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How to Install Pendant Lighting    
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