Concealing the simple closet that you have created can be simple, easy,
quick, and cheap. All you need are a few hooks, light weight curtain rods,
and light weight material or a few curtain rods with hardware and light
weight material.

If you desire to make the area blend in completely with the surround walls
and room - choose a color that matches the room exactly. If you desire to
create a bit of contrast with an focal color - choose a solid color for the
material to create one wall of color.

If you desire to spice things up a bit - choose material with a pattern or
design to create a focal point or portrait or wall art to conceal the simple
closet that you installed. [See resources for How to Create a Simple
Closet out of a Blank Wall - NO Building, NO Closet Door Installation, Low
1. Hang hooks to hold a simple curtain rod or pole in front of
the closet you installed or shelving system that you desire to
conceal. It is also possible to install basic curtain rods with
their hardware from the ceiling to hold the fabric.

2. Select a light weight fabric to make into a curtain or a
lightweight pre-made curtain from the store in the right color or
pattern. If you desire to use a heavier weight fabric-install rods
and hardware, or hooks and poles, that can accommodate the
heavier weight.

3. Slid the rod into the curtain's rod pocket. Hang the rod on the
hooks or attach the curtain rod to it's hardware.

4. Straighten and smooth out curtain to fit your desires. Some
prefer it flattened to blend in or to show off a design. Others
prefer to have the curtain full voluptuous folds type of look to
conceal the simple closet.

*Consider making your own curtains to get the perfect match to
your paint.
*Paint your walls to match the fabric to get a perfect match.
*Find the studs if you are hanging heavy curtains and use the
appropriate weight rod and hardware.

How to Create a Simple Closet out of a Blank Wall - NO
Building, NO Closet Door Installation, Low Cost]
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How to Conceal the Simple Closet - Quick, Easy, & Cheap Solution    
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