A quick and easy way to update a bathroom is
to replace the bathroom vanity sink with a new
sink in a more pleasing color.  The wrong
color or severe wear and tear can age your
bathroom. The remodel job will be the easiest
if you choose a new sink that is similar in size
and shape as the original sink to fit into the
existing countertop. If you choose to change
the sink size and shape extensively, you will
need to cut the countertop to fit a larger sink or
replace the countertop as well.
1.Turn off the hot and cold water lines to the sink.

2. Take the faucet off of the old vanity. Set aside, clean if
necessary, and keep all the parts together (in a bag).

3. Detach the plumbing pipes from the base of the sink.

4. Remove old sink. It may be necessary to run a putty knife,
scraper, or flat head screwdriver underneath the sink to break
the caulk seal.

Take care not to damage anything that you want to keep or will
have exposed after installing the new vanity. If you are cutting
the original counter larger or replacing the counter top as well,
do so now.

5. Caulk the underside edges of the new bathroom vanity sink
and place on the countertop or vanity base.

6. Attach the plumbing to the new vanity sink using plumber's
tape and glue.

7. Run the hot and cold lines up to the faucet holes. Install the
faucet on the new vanity sink.

8. Turn the hot and cold lines back on. Tight the sink knob or
knobs if needed.

9. Leave the new vanity sink alone for 24 hours or more
according to the time needed for the caulk and plumbing glue
to fully cure.

10. Test for leaks after curing is complete. If leaks occur,
re-tape and glue.

Tips & Warnings

*Follow all directions in new vanity sink packaging so that
warranty is not voided.
*Keep all paperwork for the new vanity sink and faucets
together so that directions will always be available.
*If home will be sold, give the new home owners paperwork in
a large plastic bag.
*Remove old sink carefully so that you do not damage the wall
or sink base. Give old vanity sink to a Homes for Habitat 2nd
hand building supply store or freecycle it or give to a thrift store.
*Check out local codes and licensing requirements.
*Follow all laws regarding codes, licensing, and inspections.
How to Replace a Bathroom Vanity Sink-
A Quick Simple Easy Bathroom Remodel Update
How to Replace a Bathroom Vanity Sink

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