Have you ever seen a bathroom or
kitchen where the tile was in
perfect condition but the border tile
or bullnose tile was ugly, stale, and
out of style? There is a quick
solution for this that costs under
$20, takes only 1 day, does not
require pulling out the tile and
replacing the border.
Step 1
Clean the tile and grout thoroughly to ensure adhesion for the

Step 2
Select the paint and have it tinted if necessary.

It is best to only have it tinted a light color because a dark
color will use a lot of tint and water the epoxy down making
even coverage harder to achieve when painting a sealed tile

Step 3
Tape off the edge of the tiles that will be painted. Put a piece
of newspaper under the tape and over the grout to catch any
possible splashes of epoxy paint or sealer.

Step 4
Follow the directions to properly mix the two part epoxy paint.

This is the same paint used to repaint sinks, toilets, clawfoot
tubs, and showers.

Step 5
Apply paint with a brush or a small roller.

It is possible to cut in the edges of the tile and then use the
smaller roller. Foam rollers might apply better, without as
much texture or wild hairs.

If you tape the top and bottom of the tiles well, it might be
possible to roll the border than needs to be painted. It
depends on the size, shape, and curve of the tile.

Step 6
Allow paint to dry as recommended by the two part epoxy
paint directions and then reapply a second coat.

Step 7
Apply a sealer to the painted areas after the paint dries

The sealer, either a urethane, polyurethane, or enamel, must
be applied to tiled areas that will be exposed to constant
water like in the shower. However, a border near the ceiling
or outside the bath will be able to skip a sealer.

Tips & Warnings
*Follow the directions completely on the two part epoxy to
ensure proper application and coverage.
*Use the recommended tools - brush, roller, foam roller, etc -
by the brand as well the type of strokes to ensure a perfect
flawless finish. If they say only apply the paint in one
direction, do so to ensure it will flow and apply right.
*Tape off the areas, it will look professional and flawless if
*If you do not tape the areas, then the natural movement of
the hand will show. This is not noticeable when painting a
wall but it will be noticeable on a tile border with a grout line.
*Use gloves to prevent the paint from getting on your hands,
this paint is much stronger and has different chemicals than
wall paint.
*Open windows in the room and close off the doors to the
rest of the home to force the fumes out the windows.
*Use the recommend face or breathing masks when
applying the paint and sealer.
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