Storage Boxes
Craft Supplies
Sewing Supplies
Other Clutter or Junk to Store
Organize Beauty Products
Gather up all your cosmetics and beauty supplies. After throwing out the expired
and old products that you don't use anymore, fill a home storage box with the
ones that you love and use. You will use them more now that they are organized.
Store School Supplies
Most parents purchased extra pencils, pens, markers, and crayons during the
sales at the beginning of the school year. Unfortunately though, when you need
another glue stick the package is no where to be found mid-year. So the solution
is to place all the excess supplies together in a cardboard storage box.
Organize Art & Craft Supplies
Round up the finger paints, watercolors, chalk, paintbrushes and more to give
them a home of their own that is neat and pretty in a decorative storage box.
Protect Fragile Keepsakes or Intimates
3-D fragile keepsakes, crafts, jewelry, or intimates (lingerie, body oils, candles,
bras, etc.) that could use extra protection store well in an attractive box.  
Store Sewing Supplies or Quilting Materials and Supplies
Stackable storage boxes with clear labels can be incredibly helpful and beautiful
ways to store and organize sewing supplies, quilting materials, and scrap
materials. Balls of yarn, knitting needles, and crochet needles store perfectly in
storage boxes. Eliminate searching for supplies so you enjoy your craft instead.  
More Ideas for Cardboard Storage Boxes
Conceal DVD or CD Visual Clutter

Shelves of DVDs, whether stacked vertically or
horizontally on a bookshelf or entertainment center
still look like clutter because of all the bright colors
and words jumping off the shelf at you. Conceal all
that visual clutter with small storage boxes that
match your room decor completely. Select boxes that
feature your room's main color or accent color if you
want the color to be a highlight. Or select cardboard
storage boxes in a muted or neutral color to blend in
with your room's shelving or entertainment center so
that the boxes disappear into the background leaving
your room visually clutter-free and tranquil.
How to Use Storage Boxes -
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