Water that you enjoy
Container for water
Bottles and cups for water
Picture of you when you looked
your BEST
Picture depicting water
A Good Attitude (a bad attitude,
a crabby attitude, a negative
attitude, or the habits of
gossip/slander will make you
gain weight or hold weight)
Step 1: Find Water That Tastes Good

Find a water that you truly enjoy the taste.

There are usually several places locally that test
water quality completely free of charge. Take a few
samples of water that you like the taste of to the
testing place to have the water tested for chemicals
like lead or gasoline. There is no point in drinking
water that is not good for you. Also, the most
healthful PH for water is 7.5.

Once you find a water without chemicals and that
tastes good, you are ready to move onto the next

If you just do not like the taste of any faucet water,
filtered water, or bottled water than check out my
10 Easy Tips to Stay Hydrated article.
Almost everyone can find something that works
through those tips
Supplies Needed
5 Simple Easy Tips on How to Stay Well Hydrated
Health: 5 Simple Easy Tips on How to Stay Well Hydrated

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So many people have a block when it comes
to drinking water. Learn simple easy tips
including psychology and habit forming tricks
to make drinking water easier. If you don't like
the taste check out
10 Easy Tips to Stay
Hydrated to learn the secrets to make water
taste better too. Drinking water is so important
because our brains are 75% water. If we lack
a little water, we will subjecting ourselves to
decreased energy, fatigue, headaches, and
poor quality thinking. Apply these tips starting
today so that you can stop forgetting to drink
water and get into the better habit of drinking
water so that you will take care of your brain
and body naturally without forgetting.
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to Stay Well Hydrated
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Step 2: Drink More Water

Make drinking water ultra-convenient. Make it more
convenient than drinking anything else.

This means that a pitcher of cold water might need
to be front and center in your refrigerator. You might
need to pre-slice some lemons or limes and place
a container of these right next to your water pitcher.

If you like ice, make sure you have ice available. If
you like big squares of ice, make sure that this is
available. If you like tiny pieces of ice, make sure
that is available. If you want your water to look extra
fresh and blue, put a few drops of blue food
coloring in a glass of water to be poured into an ice
tray - then use these cubes in a clear glass in a
room with good lighting. For more tips on
beautifying your water, check out How to Make Ice
Cubes Beautiful in the resources.

Place a coaster on your bedroom dresser for your
water glass or bottle at night. Purchase a water
container that appeals to you, whether that is pretty,
shiny, sports-themed, or supports a good cause.
Sometimes when we invest a little, we are more
likely to use it. Only fill this container with water so it
remains associated in your mind with clean
refreshing life-giving water only.
Step 3: Make a Water Reminder Sign

Make a reminder sign with paper and markers,
hang it with tape or something else your prefer.

Make the sign appeal to you. For some people, big
bold blocky letters saying "DRINK WATER!!!" might
work. For others, they might want to write "Drink
water for your brain." If you are trying to lose weight,
you might write "Water Speeds Up Weight Loss,
Drink Some Now!" Some people might want to put
stickers, glitter, photos, stamp, etc. to personalize
the sign.

Put the signs where you will see them. Like a "Did
you drink some water today?" might work well near
the computer or the bed. "Drink Water Now!" might
work on your refrigerator.

Use the theory of marketing and advertising to work
FOR you rather than against you.
Step 4: Make a Positive Association

Create a positive association between water and
what you want to look and feel like.

This is fairly simple psychology and advertising.
Take a picture of what you want to look like and a
picture of water and place them next to each other
next to your bathroom mirror - this works well if
your brush your teeth several times a day.

You could also make a collage with a picture of
what you want to look like (both size and health -
happy, healthy, strong) and water. You can put Size
____ on the collage. If you have never looked or felt
like you have wanted, then put your head on a
healthy, strong body. You can write expressions
like "water cleans out toxins" "water improves my
skin" "I take care of my temple by clean drinking
water" etc. Place this next to the mirror.

These pictures or collage will work with your
subconscious and unconscious as well as you
conscious when you read them.
Yummy Water
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Drink More Water
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Remember H20
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Water = Skinny
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Tips & Cautions

Find a water that you truly enjoy the
taste and make sure it is safe
though free testing.
Make drinking water more
convenient than drinking anything
else. If you need to put the soda
and other items in less convenient
places, under counters, in the back
of the refrigerator, etc. then do it.
Make a reminder sign.
Create a positive association
between water, health, and
happiness for YOU!
Share $1 or more of water with
children who are literally dying due
to lack of water.
Pray for the strength and the desire
to take care of your body, your
temple, appropriately. Repent for
neglecting it, if you have. Healing
follows heart-felt sincere

Don't feel like you have to
completely deprive yourself of
anything but water, you don't. You
can still drink a cup of coffee or
some soda each day too. Check
out How to Make A Nutritious
Coffee on how to make your coffee
more healthy than some common
Don't beat yourself up with shame
and guilt if you don't drink enough
sometimes, the chemical reaction
in your body from these emotions
is very harmful - it is like bathing
each of your body's cells in poison.
My Essential Reading List for
Incredible Health and an Inspiring
Life has a book about emotions
written by an MD that explains
these powerful truths..
Drink Water = Healthy Weight
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Step 5: Share Clean Drinking Water

Share clean water with children who are literally
dying due to lack of clean water.

Even if just a dollar ($1) a month,
LIFE Today will
provide water to children who would die from
drinking poisoned water all over the world. A dollar
($1) will provide many cups of water preserving the
life of many, many small innocent children.

Sometimes when we realize how important water
is and how lucky we are to have so much variety of
clean water and fresh food available in this nation,
we will appreciate it more in our daily life.

Donate $4.80 to provide clean drinking water to a
child for LIFE through Life Today - Click Here!
Share Water
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