Crunchy Vegetables
Fresh Spinach Greens
Healthy Crackers
A Good Attitude (a bad attitude,
a crabby attitude, a negative
attitude, or the habits of
gossip/slander will make you
gain weight or hold weight
Step 1: 3 Meals + 3 Snacks a Day

First, I believe in eating 3 meals per day (yes,
breakfast is important!) and 2 or 3 snacks. Or 5 or
6 portions per day. Those who "graze" in my family
have stayed thinner and I have observed this over
several generations.
Supplies Needed
Directions for How to Use Healthy Snacks to Lose Weight
Good Eating: How to Use Healthy Snacks to Lose Weight    
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It doesn't take a rocket science degree to lose
weight and you don't have to be a Hollywood
star or a celebrity with a personal trainer to
maintain a healthy weight. Learn my secrets
on how to use healthy snacks to lose weight.
These snacking tips can help you lose weight
or maintain the weight you want. The proof is
in the pudding - I have had two children and I
prefer to eat healthy rather than work out a
bunch. I also do not diet. Yet I am a model and
have been on TV a few times too.  I am
sharing this because I want to see people be
healthy like they want to be. It is not hard, it
just takes a little wisdom - knowledge applied.
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Snacks to Lose Weight
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Step 2: Drink More Water

Many times we are actually thirsty when we "think"
we are hungry. People commonly mis-diagnose
themselves as hungry when instead their body and
brain is begging for some water, some nice clean

So, when I think I am "hungry" the first thing I do is
grab a glass of water. Sometimes with lemon or
lime, many times plain. And I drink 1/2 to 1 whole
glass 15 - 30 minutes or so before I eat a snack or
a meal.

My youngest daughter is 4 years old - I have had
two children and gained nearly 50 pounds the first
pregnancy and 30 the second - and she copies my
behavior too. Sometimes it is less "genetics" than it
is learned behavior and eating habits.

So the next time your tummy growls, grab have a
glass of water
Step 3: Snack Healthy to Lose Weight

If I am still hungry after I drink my water and let it
digest a bit, then I snack or "graze."

Popular snacks in my home include:
~Fresh organic vegetables, prewashed and
chopped, stored in plastic containers
~Sliced cheese with crackers or little cubes of
cheese on top of spinach leaves.
~Fresh sliced fruit including grapefruit, pear, apple,
berries, etc.
~Granola or breakfast bars
~Various nuts, seeds, and dried fruits
Step 4: Make It Easy to Lose Weight

Make it convenient & easy to snack healthy.

I set my vegetable container up once a week
because convenience makes it easy to snack. One
day a week, I also slice my cheeses and put them
in containers for convenience too. The other
snacks are conveniently located within reach for
me and my children.

This type of eating has allowed me to maintain a
healthy weight without having to exercise
excessively. My family and relatives tend to eat
healthier & exercise in ways that we want to
(walking the beach with my children) rather than
"having to exercise or having to diet."
Healthy Snacks
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Drink More Water
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Snack Healthy
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Easy Snacks
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Tips & Cautions

Drinking water will allow you to find
out if you are really hungry or just
Incorporating snacks will keep your
blood sugar more even, reduce
cravings, and reduce over-stuffing
Making snacks convenient will
make eating healthier easy and
more enjoyable.
Eating healthier is easier than
dieting or dragging yourself to a
gym. It will give you more time to
live life the way you want.

Always check with a physician
before making changes to your diet
or exercise.
Diets tend to give short-term
results and long-term pain
because the weight comes back
and from what I have heard, it is
harder to take off. This is not a diet,
this is an alteration of lifestyle
After adding more water to your diet
and healthy snacks, you might be
surprised to find out that you will
start enjoying the snacks better and
you will have more energy.
Always check into the source you
are taking advice from - make sure
they are living it and know what they
are talking about. "The proof is in
the pudding".
Easy Snacks=Healthy Weight
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