I decided that I needed to get a new laptop. I wanted
something more portable than the older larger heavier 8
pound giant laptops of the previous decade. My former laptop
plus it's bulky carrying case and accessories weighed in at an
astounding 14 pounds according to my trusty scale. I decided
it was no longer fair to tax my shoulders, neck, and back with
that struggle any longer.

Plus, it would be nice to have more memory, a faster
processor, and the new touchscreen tablet if I could just find
the perfect laptop discount. Surprisingly, I did not start
searching for a laptop coupon initially. First, I decided that it
would need to simply be lighter in weight and I checked the
local stores. [Article continues below]
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At the local stores, many of the new laptops that have the
same screen size as my previous one were much thinner and
lighter in weight. However, I decided that I wanted something
overall smaller. Something that would be able to fit in a large

Some friends suggested looking into the new netbooks.
These were the perfect size; however, I wanted more power,
memory, and a DVD drive to run my work programs on it.
Finally I saw a tablet with a 12.1 in screen that was a tablet.
This model also had touchscreen capabilities too. New
technology is always fun to play with, isn't it?  [Article continues
I was tempted to buy the in-store model just to have the
notebook in my hands so I could use it for work immediately,
but I decided to do a bit of research on the new laptops and

First I went to all the websites of the local stores that carried
computers to check the prices. Then I started to check the
differences in the customization. There was some new things
to learn about the latest technology so I looked up the
information. Finally, I went to the different brand websites
online to check out their customization options.

I built the perfect laptop for myself on the website. After trying
out various options, I decided on going for the best technical
specifications that I could get and buying my programs and
accessories later after searching for deals on them at my
leisure. I called the sales center for the website and gave the
representative the specifications for my new tablet notebook.
As she entered the information, I searched very quickly for
some coupons for the brand I chose and found an excellent
one for $550 off. I gave her the code over the phone and it
knocked $550 off my new HP laptop. I learned that sometimes
the codes don't always work online, but you can call in to check
them out. And some online offers are not available in the
stores. In addition to the $550 savings, my shipping was free
too. What an awesome deal! Thank you God & HP &
Couponmountain! I used my savings to buy a much better new
printer since I had "planned" on spending a certain amount on
equipment and this savings would allow me to upgrade that
too.  [
Printer and programs article coming soon!]
The actual coupon - now expired
My receipt with $550 off & FREE S&H
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