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What is Wrong with Our Public Schools?
Public Schools is Synonymous to Condemned Buildings
Heather Inks
Experienced K6-12th grade educator
in public and non-profit schools and
former TIMs-Technology Integration
Mentor for a very large school district
Abandoned House
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by Heather Inks

Employers complain that new employees
cannot communicate well, follow
directions, handle conflict appropriately, or
work well with other employees.
Employers also complain that employees
are late, lazy, inept, unreliable, and
apathetic (not motivated, inspired, or
energetic about work).
Colleges and universities complain that new students cannot read,
cannot comprehend what they do read, are unable to handle college
mathematics,  cannot complete their assignments on time, and often
times cannot even make it through their first semester let alone graduate.

Parents complain that children and teens are lazy, rude, stubborn,
foolish, and rebellious. Parents complain that their children-regardless
of IQ, test scores, intelligence, gender, or race-think school is a waste of
time, boring, and too redundant for the most part.

Children complain that they are being bullied in school by larger or more
violent youth. Honor students are bullied by jealous competitive honor
students and poor students. Poor students are bullied by other students.
Students who excel are bullied by those who don’t excel. Students who
have a desire to be respectful and do well in school are bullied by their
fellow classmates who can’t make the cut and are jealous.

Handicap and blind students are pushed out windows by other mean-
spirited students. Pretty young females are ostracized by jealous female
classmates who want to tear her self esteem down by ruining her
reputation. The pretty young female is then ridiculed by her young male
classmates who desire to further wound her so they can weaken her so
she will “put out.” Honor students are jumped or shot by gang members.

Students of all ages claim that they hate school and find it boring. They
are not excited about learning and many students and parents think that
part of the benefit of school is “socialization.” Yet everyone knows that
you cannot socialize small puppies to stop biting each other and if you
put an unruly group of adolescent dogs or elephants together without a
respected adult leader then a pack mentality that is violent developed
and bloodshed occurs.

What is the common thread? We have all different types of parents who
have different types of kids. Yes, that is true. But can we always blame
the parents, the kids, or even the teachers? No, we cannot. Somebody
needs to step back and see that the common denominator is the current
public school system.

The current public school system is designed for the most part to
perpetuate society. It is not designed to bring out all the potential, talents,
and gifts of EACH and EVERY student. The current public school system
is designed to cater to and create “average.” If every student is average,
then it is a lot easier on the teacher. A teacher can manage a class of 50
average students much easier than a class of 10 bright students, 30
average students, and 10 severely behind students. In fact, in a
classroom of 50 young students there are so many students that few
needs will be met if you do a logical calculation of how much time the
teacher really has.  

Though many schools, school boards, and government bodies claim a
mission similar to "Through the individual commitment of all, our
students will graduate with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary
to be successful contributors to our democratic society" this is clearly not
what is happening if you listen to employers, students, parents,
correctional facility officers, and drug rehabilitation counselors.  

If I have a condemned house with black mold in the walls, giant holes in
the floor, cracks in the foundation, busted water and gas lines
underneath the house, and gaping holes in the roof then obviously I
cannot simply just throw a little bit of money at the house and put up
some paneling and call it fixed. If I put a family in this type of house, they
could actually die from the mold and get sick from a variety of issues
including the leaking gas or spider bites or freezing temperatures. And if
I leave the house vacant, then drug dealers or rapists could hang out in it
and pull down the neighborhood with drugs and sexual assaults.

What is the ONLY reasonable thing to do with such a house? To tear it
down. And if it has broken gas lines or asbestos tiles, then I would  have
to call the right specialists in to get the job done right. If the foundation
was severely damaged, even this would have to be broken up and
hauled away so that a brand new foundation in working order could be
laid. After the house was completely torn down and the foundation was
removed, then I could start over and rebuild something safe and

How do I know that the public schools are so broken that they are
synonymous and equivalent to a condemned building?

Take a look and sample what the public schools are producing:

  • A gifted child goes into a public elementary school and wants to
    quit school or commit suicide as early as kindergarten. Do you
    see a problem with this picture?

  • A blind and deaf child goes to a middle school and gets pushed
    through a glass window? Do you see a problem with this picture?

  • An honor student-valedictorian-in high school experiences his
    parents dying in a car crash and because he misses more than
    the 5 allowed days in Florida schools-he must attend summer
    school or even redo his entire senior year! Do you see a problem
    with this picture?

  • A middle school girl is raped by a middle school boy in a hallway
    and the school tries to cover it up and blame the girl! Do you see
    a problem with this picture?

  • An honor students walks home and walks into a gang fight, he is
    beaten to death in Chicago 2010! Do you see a problem with this

  • A female high school students is raped by a male football player
    on school grounds and another student has to give her money to
    call her parents using the pay phone! Do you see a problem with
    this picture?

  • A 6th graders in North Caroline is bullied by a teacher who writes
    loser on her papers! Do you see a problem with this picture?

  • Thousands of male and female teachers get criminal charges for
    having sexual relations with students! Do you see a problem with
    this picture?

  • Children are skipping school and engaging in sex and drug use
    on school grounds, at socials, and proms! Do you see a problem
    with this picture?

  • Honor students bully other honor students to try to intimidate
    other students so they can use violence to influence ranks! Do
    you see a problem with this picture?

  • Many schools have a policy in regards to fights to where both
    parties are punished or removed from school if involved in a fight.
    This is not fair when a student might be defending themselves or
    being bullied. Do you see a problem with this picture?

  • Teachers get reprimanded in many schools for sending
    troublemakers to the office so they can conduct class for the
    students who care about learning. While the troublemakers are
    in the office, they get to run errands and help out. Do you see a
    problem with this picture?

  • Students are all placed in the same grade level regardless of
    true academic level or maturity. Do you see a problem with this

  • If you fall behind, you can be held back a grade or two. But if you
    are advanced, you will probably not be promoted a grade or two
    but instead will be forced to remain in the same grade and do
    massive amounts of more work and homework in Honors and
    AP courses which earns the school more dollars per student.
    And the school might spend your money on sod for the football
    team. Do you see a problem with this picture?

  • When the honor students graduate, many are so overworked
    from Honors and AP classes, that they take off of schooling and
    fail to ever enroll in college. Do you see a problem with this

  • Students who failed and struggled up to 13 years in the public
    school system go to a community college and earn above a 3.5
    GPA! Do you see a problem with this picture?

The gifted child who enters a public school and then wants to drop out or
commit suicide rather than attend school is just like a healthy child who
moves into a house with black mold and gets so ill that the child would
rather die than live. Obviously, the problem is with the house (public
schools) and not all the children, parents, or even teachers.

Millions of students, parents, college, universities, and corporations
cannot be wrong in their complaints about the products of public
schools. It is time for students and parents to require that the
condemned buildings be demolished and modern efficient and effective
structures be built to replace them starting with the foundation. It is time
for students and parents to require the old format and system of
educating students be demolished to make way for a new educational
system of the future.