Sewing throw pillows is an
excellent way for a beginner
seamstress to start. Throw pillows  
make excellent gifts and can be
easily customized for the recipient.
Sewing throw pillows can be super
easy or as complicated as you
would like to make your design
and resulting throw pillow.
Make & Sew Decorative Throw Pillows - Listed
in Order from Easy to Challenging
4 Cool Dinosaur Templates Created
by Heather Inks for personal use
How to Make Decorative Throw Pillows    
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How to Make Decorative Throw Pillows with Tassels
Adding tassels to a simple throw pillow pattern is one of the simplest ways to easily spruce up your throw pillow into
something decorative, unique, and fancy. This method is
incredibly easy.
How to Make Decorative Throw Pillows with Fringe
Throw pillows can have instant pizazz and style added to them by adding the simple element of fringe around the edges of
your pillow. Fringe does not always mean "country" style
pillows because the right color combination can be very
modern and stylish.
How to Make 4 Simple Throw Pillows with Rounded
Corners - FREE Template
Change the corners of your throw pillows for a smooth curve
to update your design and expand the possibilities for your
decorative throw pillows. 4 FREE Easy Designs for personal
How Make Hand Painted Throw Pillows
It is fun and easy to paint throw pillows. Painting throw pillows is a fun activity appropriate for almost all ages with
adult supervision. Painted throw pillows can be painted with
variety of types of paints using many different instruments
for unique looks.  
How to Make Glow in the Dark Throw Pillows
Glow in the dark pillows are a great addition to any child or teens room. When the lights are on, it might look like a
simple throw pillow but when you turn out the lights or turn
on a black light - the designs and throw pillows come to life.

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How to Make Embroidered Throw Pillows
How to Make Lace Covered Throw Pillows
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