Fitted Bed Sheet Pattern or Diagram Sheet [Quick Sheet]
Measuring Tape
Material [Pre-wash material]
Coordinating Thread
Sewing Needle and/or Sewing Machine (optional)
Marker or Chalk
1. Download and print the Fitted Bed Sheet pattern or diagram [Quick Sheet].

2. Use your measuring tape to measure the mattress that will be covered with the fitted bed
sheet. Make sure to measure the mattress with the pillow top, mattress pad, mattress cover,
or any other items that could potentially alter the final size and dimensions of your mattress.
Write the measurements in the blanks provided on the Fitted Bed Sheet Quick Sheet.

3. Cut the material to the final length and width desired plus 1 inch for the seam allowance
and elastic.
[Tip: Pre-wash your material] If your preferred material is not the long enough or
wide enough, sew several lengths together using a basic stick and then cut to the dimensions

4. Create the fitted corners by measuring the depth in from each corner, creating a square
(see the
Bed Sheet Quick Sheet or the How to Make a Fitted Bed Sheet Crafts with Heather
Inks Video), and cutting out the square. Remember to add the extra inch to your depth
measurement too as stated on the Quick Sheet.

5. Sew the seam in the fitted corners on the wrong side. Sew the seam for the entire sheet by
folding, pressing, pinning, and sewing the edge around the entire corner. I like to fold it twice
to create a beautiful completely finished high quality professional seam.

6. Cut your elastic to the desired length for the fitted bed sheet pockets or for the length of the
entire sheet. This is according to your personal preference and need. Is this a bed sheet for
children or an adult who tosses and turns a lot? If so, a longer length of elastic or elastic
around the entire sheet might be desired. Pin the elastic in, stretching it as you pin, and sew
the elastic to the sheet - remember to stretch as you sew it slow.

*Remember to pre-wash your fabrics for making a fitted bed sheet to prevent shrinkage,
warping, and pulling.
* Use sharp scissors to create a nice edge and help this sewing project to progress much
* Consider double folding the seam edge to create high quality seams for your custom bed

Bed Sheet Quick Sheet
How to Make a Fitted Bed Sheet Video
Learning how to sew fitted bed sheets is easy. The best part about sewing your own
fitted sheets is that they will fit your mattress perfectly. When you make your own sheets,
you will create beautiful fitted sheets that match the exact dimensions - length, width, and
depth - of your bed. Mattresses, pillow tops, and mattress pads or covers can change the
depth considerably but when you make your own bed sheets - the fit is always perfect. A
perfectly fitted bed sheet will lay smoothly on the mattress without any wrinkles, pulls, or
bunches. You will no longer have the problem of needing to constantly fix the corners or
adjust the sheets. You will be able to make your water bed sheets, organic bed sheets,
luxury bedsheets, XL bed sheets, California king bed sheets, pillow top bed sheets, satin
bed sheets, silk bed sheets, flannel bed sheets, cotton bed sheets, or even character
themed bed sheets for the children or grandchildren.
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