Leaf Tutu Template
Material [Pre-wash]
Sewing Needle and/or Sewing Machine (optional)
Card Stock or Paper Grocery Bag
Sequins on Ribbon (optional)

2. Measure the waist of the leaf tutu recipient. Add 1 inch to the
measure for overlap for the final seams. Cut the elastic to this final

Fold your leaf material in half and place the pattern with the long
straight edge along the fold. Pin if needed or trace a line around the
pattern onto material. Cut the leaf out. Unfold. Now you will have a
full leaf.

4. Repeat this process creating 1 leaf per inch of the waist.

5. If desired, sew a seam around the edges of each leaf. This can
be sewn by hand or using a machine with a fancy stitch, zigzag
setting, or serging.

6. *Optional: Sew sequins on a ribbon around the leaf edges.

7. Fold the stem of each leaf over the elastic waist band covering
the band and pin in place. Repeat for each leaf covering the entire
waistband. Sew the leaves in place, stretching the elastic slightly as
you sew to give it some "give." [Alternative Method: Fold the leaf
stem over the elastic band, pin on the leaf leaving a loop for the
elastic band. Sew across. This will allows leaves to be adjustable]
Sew the elastic ends together, overlapping slightly to complete the
leaf tutu.

8. *Optional: Sew an elastic ribbon of sequins over the elastic waist
band for extra sparkles.
Leaf Ballet Tutu Pattern Created by Heather Inks
for personal use
How to Sew a Leaf Ballet Tutu

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1. Download the leaf tutu pattern.
Enlarge the leaf tutu pattern as needed
to accommodate the appropriate length
desired for the tutu skirt. Print the leaf
pattern template on card stock or use
transfer paper to trace the template on
pattern paper or firm paper from a paper
grocery bag.