Sewing throw pillows is an excellent
way for a beginner seamstress to start.
Throw pillows  make excellent gifts and
can be easily customized for the
recipient. Sewing throw pillows can be
super easy or as complicated as you
would like to make your design and
resulting throw pillow.
1. Decide on a shape and size for your throw pillow. Purchase
or create a pattern for your throw pillow.

FREE templates that can be enlarged:
Throw Pillows with Rounded Corners Template

2. Cut out the pattern or template once enlarged or adjusted to
the perfect size and shape. Remember to add 1/2 inch to 1
inch for a seam allowance.

3. Pin the template or pattern for the throw pillows to the
material. Cut out two pieces of fabric that are exactly the same
size and shape.

4. Pin the right sides of the fabric together. Plan the 1 or 2 inch
long area that you will leave open for turning and stuffing your
throw pillow. A good choice would be the bottom side of the
pillow if it has one.

5. Sew around the pinned and marked sections to create your
sew pillow. Turn the pillow right side out and stuff with batting,
stuffing, or your desired material. Some people also stuff with
feathers or shredded old t-shirts.

6. Sew up the small opening in your throw pillow used for
turning and stuffing.

Throw Pillow Tips

*Create all designs, patchwork, bedding, or decorative
stitching before pinning and sewing the right sides together.

*Buttons can be added to customize throw pillows before
sewing the right sides together or after stuffing and sewing up
the throw pillow.
How to Sew Throw Pillows
How to Sew Throw Pillows    
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