Dinosaur Template
Iron On Fusible Webbing
e.g. Trans-Web or Misty Fuse
Material for Applique [Pre-wash]
Material for Pillow or Pillow Case
Card Stock or
Paper Grocery Bag
Sewing Needle and/or
Sewing Machine (optional)
Stuffing or Pillow Form
1. Download the dinosaur pattern or dino template that you have selected. Shrink or enlarge the pattern as
needed to fit on the pillow or bedroom accessory. Print  the dinosaur template on card stock or use transfer
paper to trace the template on pattern paper or firm paper from a paper grocery bag.

2. Start by cutting your base material 1 inch larger than your pillow form to allow for 1/4 - 1/2 inch seams. It is
also possible to skip making your own pillow and sew the applique on your child's pillow case instead.

3. Cut a square or rectangular piece of fabric for the dinosaur applique.
[Tip: Pre-wash your material] Cut the
iron-on fusable applique paper slightly smaller than your material. Follow the directions that come with your
applique paper to fuse the paper to the material using your iron. Allow the material to cool. Using a fabric
marker (or home marker) trace the dinosaur silhouette on the fabric. Cut out the dinosaur from the paper
backed fabric.

4. Peel back the paper backing on the dinosaur applique to expose the iron-on fusible webbing. Follow the
applique paper directions to iron the dino onto the pillow material.

5. Hand stitch or use a zigzag setting on a machine to sew a fancy finishing edge around the edge of the
dinosaur applique. *Optional: Affix an animal eye to the dinosaur or sew a button eye or a piece of material or
felt created to look like an eye on the dinosaur.

6. Finish the pillow by putting the "right" sides of the material and sewing around three sides. Turn the pillow
right side out, stuff with the pillow form or stuffing, and sew up the remaining open side.
4 Cool Dinosaur Templates Created
by Heather Inks for personal use
Crafts: How to Make Cool Dinosaur Appliqued Pillows
FREE Dinosaur Pillow Patterns and Templates

Free brontosaurus dinosaur pattern
Free raptor dinosaur pattern
Free stegosaurus dinosaur pattern
Free triceratops dinosaur pattern
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Kids love dinosaurs, my children do, and
yours probably do too. A child's interest in
dinosaurs can lead to a love of science and
eliminate their fear of "big words" since most
children can name the brontosaurus,
tyrannosaurus, triceratops, and stegosaurus
without blinking an eye. Surprise and bless
your children with their very own set of four
"easy to make"  and "easy to sew" dinosaur
appliqued pillows using these free dinosaur
patterns and templates (for personal use
only). These decorative dinosaur pillows will
be the perfect accessory to complete their
dinosaur themed bedroom.  
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