Customizing and designing shoes is a fun activity for children, teens,
students, or adults. Why should all shoes be exactly the same anyway?
White shoes with white laces, blah. There is a time and a place for white on
white but sometimes that is a bit boring. Why not design and make
one-of-a-kind shoes? There are a variety of materials that can be used to
decorate and customize shoes. And these options cost a fraction of the cost
of paying a company to do it for you!

Here is a quick guide to many options available for designing and
customizing shoes at home. These can be your shoes, your children's
shoes, or shoes to be given as a gift. When you design and customize your
own shoes - you can have them ready in less than a day depending on your
choices for customization.

And if you don't want to do it yourself, I have included a list of websites
where you can pay them to customize and design your shoes online too - it
takes a few days to several weeks to receive your order.
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How to Customize Shoes with Fur
Customize your shoes with fur to add style, softness, and warmth.
How to Add Sparkles to Shoes
Everybody loves sparkles, especially little girls. Design and customize some lovely sparkling shoes for your little princess
or yourself!
How to Paint a Custom Design on my Shoes
It is fun and easy to paint shoes. Painting shoes is appropriate for almost all ages with adult supervision and you
are not limited to just "shoe paint" to paint your shoes. Let's
get started on re-designing and customizing those old shoes.
How to Make Glow in the Dark Shoes
Glow in the dark shoes-how fun! I love glow in the dark for almost anything, don't you? Let's customize some shoes to
glow in the dark.

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How to Design & Embellish Your Shoes
How to Paint Shoes
How to Design and Customize Shoes with Embroidery
How to Customize Shoes with Stamps
How to Add BLING BLING to Shoes
How to Fingerpaint Shoes with Children
How to Customize Shoes with Nail Polish - the
Original Method from Old School!
Nail polish is a fun option that is widely available. Painting
shoes with nail polish and a fine tipped brush is an excellent
way to use up old nail polish. Older nail polish that is too thick
and chunky for finger nail application works superb for
painting. Thick nail polish also works well to hold
embellishments such as decals, nail stickers, flowers, and
sparkles. This is the "old school" method of painting shoes
that I grew up with - and fortunately did not get in trouble for
(Thanks Mom!). However, our teachers did not appreciate our
creativity. LOL
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