Tri Fold Card Quick Sheet

Home made dinosaur birthday card coming soon!

Wildflowers at Galveston State Park, Texas        
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personal use (not commercial use) for card making]
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Home made and hand made cards are almost always appreciated by the recipient.
Cards can be made to look "professional" or "store bought" with the help of card making
software, computers, and photo quality printers in the home. Cards can also be made to
look "home made" or crafty. They can be made to be one dimensional, two dimensional,
or even three dimensional. Cards can be a single sheet, bi fold, tri fold, or more. And they
can be decorated with an almost endless infinite variety of art supplies, craft materials,
paints, and embellishments. Card making can be fun and completed by a person,
whether male or female, or adult or child. The main ingredient that goes into the cards is
thought, planning, and time.
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