Creating great business cards is like creating a great story or inventing a
world-class marketing presentation all rolled onto 1 little tiny card. Create
the very best business cards that will increase your initial sales and repeat
business by making sure that you have 5 basic areas in business card
design addressed. Just like a great intro, the best business cards will
address who, what, where, when, and why before you send for your
business cards to be printed. This is how to sell yourself and your business
 through your business cards.
Business Card Basics for the Best Business Cards
How to Make the BEST Custom Business Cards
How to Make the BEST Custom Business Cards    
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The best business card should SELL you and your business. You are the "who." Who are you? Do you sell investments?
Real estate? Teach? Install windows? Practice law? Lots of
inexpensive cheap business cards have a standard beach
scene background but this screams "CHEAP" with capital
letters if this is not related in some way to your line of
business. If I get a business card that screams "CHEAP" from
you, will you do cheap work? There is a different between
frugal or wise and cheap. Don't ever scream cheap to
customers when it comes to your reputation, business, or

Make sure your images sell you and your business in the best
light possible - clean and professional with related images or
background effect. If you place a picture of yourself on your
business card-make sure that it is the best picture that you
have, professional looking, and that you also still resemble
the image today. If I see a 15 year old image on a real estate
agents card from when she (or he) first started, I wonder if she
(or he) is going to show me pictures of the houses that are
accurate or that have been severely doctored.
The best business card WILL SELL what you do - that is your "what?" If you are a window installer - in addition to your
business card telling the person your name and the business
name (who?), your business card should also tell what you do
and the best business card will show what you do. How?
Place an image of the very best & most beautiful window that
you have ever installed or have the capabilities of installing.
When your customers see your card, save your cards, and
share your cards - you want them to visualize what you do
immediately in the best light possible. Place a image of your
best work on the side of the card, in the background, or as a
watermark and you have provided an instant image. They can
look at "what" you do and decide that want you to do that for
their home. They can show their friends "look at what this
professional does or can do!" all which holding your little
business card. A business card is more than a little contact
card-that is what a Rolodex card is-a business card is a mini
walking billboard.
Provide "where" to find you and your business on your business card. Where can I reach you? Where can I meet you
to talk about my needs? Where can I buy a product from you?
Where can I see your work or products right now? Do you have
a website that I can access 24/7 to learn more about you, your
services, and you products?
Wisely consider double sided business cards that feature a
mini map of your address if you use a business location -
don't waste the backside of your mini billboards. Don't waste
your billboard - leaving the backside of your business blank is
like a corporation only using half a paid for billboard or leaving
half a magazine ad blank. It really does not make much
sense, does it?  
If you have a business that has operating hours, find a spot to place the hours on your card. If you sell products and have a
website that has a shopping card to sell your products 24/7,
then highlight your website where customers can "shop 24/7
from the comforts of home." If you don't ever work Sunday - tell
them. There is little more aggravating than driving across the
city to arrive at a store that is closed. Aggravating customers is
a great way to lose your customers, unless of course you have
a monopoly.
The "why?" might be the most neglected aspect of business cards. However, if you want to have the best business card
then you will not forget. Maybe you have a motto, catchy
slogan, or advertising line that covers the "why" - then always
use it on your card.

Always tell your customers "why?" you are the best professor,
teacher, broker, agent, or company. Add a pleased customer's
recommendation to the back of your card. Use a legitimate
real customer with their permission. If you can't find a satisfied
customer, then you might be in the wrong line of business.
Or consider adding some statistics or research on your
company or products. For instance, a teacher or school
business card might add  "100% of math students in 2002
passed the FCAT." This type of information shows "why" you
are the best and should be hired and rehired and
recommended to friends and family too. If you had the best
teacher, broker, or agent, would you want to share the news to
those you care about? Absolutely, give your business card
holders something to talk about - YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.
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