Heather Inks' has written over 500 published articles that appear
on various sites on the Internet. Heather's articles cover a wide
range of topics and interests due to her education and
professional experiences being unusually diverse. Heather did
not want to get locked into one major or one career so she
studied several areas in entirely different schools and colleges.
Many articles, about half, are on this site. HeatherInks.com is
composed of several hundred of Heather's articles, patterns,
templates, diagrams, and images that supplement her
articles. The articles on www.HeatherInks.com are owned
either exclusively or non-exclusively by Heather Inks.

Heather Inks' also has several hundred articles that have
been sold - exclusively - to companies. These articles cannot
be reproduced on this site since they have been sold. These
articles can be found all over the web if you search "Heather
Inks" in quotation marks.

Heather Inks' is a regular contributor to both AC and eHow in
addition to this site and working for other companies.

To view Heather Inks' AC Content, just use the bar below. If
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To view some of Heather's eHow articles that are still owned
by Heather - browse HeatherInks.com or use view my
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It is possible that HeatherInks.com may eventually attempt to
create a list of all Heather Inks' published work.
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Check out my published content!
Check out my published content!
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